The Link to Lower Stroke Care Costs

Today’s consumers are seeking value and care that wraps around their needs to achieve wellness. Payors are a foundational component to addressing those needs and the one component that is a partner with the patient from acute to post-acute and chronic care management.

Stroke care today is fragmented, costly, and does not support the patient’s opportunity to achieve wellness with proactive care management and education. Nor does it support the family and caregiver well-being from the side-effects they incur.

Stroke care, as provided today, can be greatly enhanced to coordinate and offer comprehensive services that proactively addresses patient needs to improve outcomes and reduce total cost.

The Facts Are Startling


Acute care complications occur in 85% of strokes


Readmission occurs in 13% of stroke cases


Stroke recurrence occurs in 20% of cases within 90 days


Risk factor control for key elements, such as blood pressure and diabetes control, is at most 45% for post-stroke patients

Our Proven Model Improves Patient Outcomes & Reduces Immediate and Long-Term Cost of Care.

By integrating and coordinating care using a proven stroke care model that extends outside of the hospital care, we are able to see game-changing results in stroke patients and the impact on the family and caregivers, including lower stroke recurrence and hospital readmissions and increased functional outcomes. 

The Results of Our Model Include:


Fewer complications

20% reduction in complications during acute stroke phase


Lower stroke recurrence

11% reduction in stroke recurrence


Reduced readmissions

15% reduction in hospital readmissions


Lower costs

25% reduction in total cost of care across 12 months

Controlled blood pressure

111% increase in patients having blood pressure controlled


Higher medication adherence and control

90% increase in patients having controlled cholesterol & appropriate statin medication


Controlled diabetes

183% increase in patients having diabetes controlled


Improved Patient Experience

Increase patient experience through long-term patient and family engagement


The Move to Value-Based Stroke Care

Health payors and providers alike must provide greater value and quality than is occurring today. With stroke being the number one cause of disability, we know significant opportunity exists to redesign stroke care delivery to improve the current outcomes. Stroke Link Health is the answer and your partner to do just that – reshape stroke care. 

Stroke Link Health is implementing payment models with payors and health systems that address comprehensive and longitudinal stroke care management and education to improve outcomes and value. Our model stays with the patient and family across an entire year.

Partner with Stroke Link Health on a value-based model to improve your patient membership’s outcomes, quality, and experience while driving down costs.