About Us

Stroke Link Health partners with health systems, payors, and managed populations to improve stroke care delivery and patient outcomes and experience while lowering the total cost of care.

We provide a comprehensive, telehealth-enabled, and protocolized stroke care management model that coordinates care for stroke patients and their family across the full continuum for an entire year following a stroke episode.

The Stroke Link Health Model…


Links the Care Continuum

Connects stroke care and coordination from the acute (inpatient) stage to the post-acute and chronic care needs across an entire year for patients and families.

Focuses on Long Term Patient Outcomes and Engagement

Provides monthly stroke resources that wrap clinical care and education around the patient’s and family’s needs through in-person and virtual care management.


Reduces Cost with Proactive Care Management

Proactively supports patient’s immediate and long-term care needs to reduce readmission and stroke recurrence while improving key risk factor control elements.
how we do things differently

How We Do Things Differently

Stroke Link Health is designed as a true integrated stroke practice unit instead of the current way most primary through comprehensive stroke centers are organized – as silos that separate care between EMS and in the ER, during the hospital stay, in a rehab unit
or skilled nursing facility, and then care at home. Today there is little to no coordination or collaboration across the entire care continuum nor is patient and family education and engagement seen as a core element of achieving wellness.

But Really, How Do We Do Things Better

Stroke Link Health engineers a telehealth-enabled, collaborative team that we call Stroke Central and Stroke Mobile. These teams unite the acute, post-acute, and chronic care continuum using a protocolized and proprietary care management and education model. Stroke Link Health wraps the care model around the patient and family needs for 12 months post-stroke episode.

Stroke Link Health Benefits


Full Continuum of Care

Patients receive full continuum of care by addressing post-acute gaps that have the biggest impact on outcomes, readmission/recurrent stroke, and speed to wellness.


Cost Savings

Significant cost saving to health system, provider, and payor partners that spans multiple years.


Engagement & Education

Patient and family engagement and education woven into monthly comprehensive care and risk factor management.


Direct Touch Points

Health systems, providers, and payors achieve monthly direct touch points strengthening network integrity.


Fewer Complications

Improved emergent and inpatient stroke care team coordination and reduction in acute care complications and length of stay.


Reduce Caregiver Burden

Reduction of caregiver burden and overall financial burden for the entire family.


Real Time Collaboration

Provides real time communication and collaboration across multidisciplinary stroke team through telehealth-enabled care management and education platforms.


In-Home Care

Care is brought to the patient in their home utilizing technology and a lower cost care delivery team.


Shared Risk

Shared risk with Stroke Link Health on model implementation costs and savings potential.

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